Enzo Plus 4K HDMI cable

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In the past, image and sound were transmitted by several cables separately. That is, if we wanted to watch a movie on TV from a DVD device or video camera, we would have to use several cables to transmit the image and sound. HDMI cable made it easy. You can transfer image and sound in the best way with only one HDMI cable. Cables such as VGA or composite are only capable of transmitting analog video signals. These cables were the best choice for CRT displays, but they are not the right choice for today’s modern LCDs. Today, many screens and monitors are still equipped with VGA or composite input, but HDMI can provide you with better performance and image. HDMI cable stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and is used for simultaneous transmission of image and sound digitally. You can use this cable when both source and destination electronic devices are equipped with HDMI ports. In fact, this cable is an alternative to AV cables with three separate wires.

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