Enzo E200 wireless mouse

One of the computer accessories that is very useful for the user while working with this device is the mouse. Mice are very useful tools for performing computer activities, which are divided into different types in terms of design, application and connection type. The direct and long-term operation of the user with the mouse makes choosing a high-quality and durable mouse very important for users. Mouse “Enzo” model “E200” is one of the practical and well-made products offered to the market by this company. This device is in the category of wireless mice and is connected to the computer through a USB dongle. This mouse consists of 4 buttons, including the two main left and right buttons, the middle button to make scrolling easier, and the DPI button. This device uses an optical sensor for positioning and with the accuracy of 1000 points per inch, it is able to provide you with a good performance. Also, this mouse has a beautiful simple and classic design and fits easily in the shape of your hand. In addition, the design of this model is such that it is possible to work with it comfortably and without problems by both hands, and it can be a suitable choice for left-handed people.

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