Image cable 3/3 ENZO 1/5M

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Image cable 3/3 ENZO 1/5M

Enzo’s 3 by 3 audio and video cable is 1.5 meters long. Actually, the best and most qualitative method of analog audio and video transmission is using a three-plug AV cable, which is also called RCA. These cables have 6 plugs, and there are three AV male plugs on each side of the cable. Two of them are for moving left and right stereo sound, and one of them, which is yellow, is for visual or image data transfer.


Cable or audio and video conversion
The length of the wire is 1.5 meters
PVC wire coating material
RCA input plug (color plug)
Male input plug type
Standard size input plug type
RCA output plug (color plug)
Male output plug type
Standard size output plug size

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