1/5M ENZO gold shielded extension cable

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1/5M ENZO gold shielded extension cable

Weight 66 grams
Brand: Enzo
Size: 1.5 meters

USB v2.0 has a data transfer rate of 480 megabits per second.

Enzo USB 2.0 extension cable 1.5 meters long can only send or receive data.

This means that you cannot send and receive information at the same time using this version.

The easiest way to increase the length of the USB cable is to use a passive extension cable.

This cable has a connector and a port that is easily connected to the desired device or port. But there is a length limit in the passive cable.

That is, the length of the USB and passive cable together should not be more than 5 meters in USB v2.0 and more than 3 meters in USB v3.0.

In other words, you cannot extend a 1 meter long USB cable with two 1.5 meter passive cables.

Instead, you should use a 3-meter passive cable.

In order to extend the length of the USB cable beyond these limits, you must use an active cable.

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