ENZO VGA 3M 3+9 cable

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ENZO VGA 3M 3+9 cable

ENZO VGA 3+9 cable is a valid and widely used standard for analog video connection. With its unique features and technologies, this cable is used to transmit image signals between computers and displays. By following the relevant technical specifications and standards, you can choose the right VGA cable for your needs. Also, keep in mind that as technology advances, other cables are available for video and audio connections and may be used as a substitute for the 9+3 VGA cable.

The ability to transfer images to all types of computers, TVs and monitors with VGA input

VGA 3+9 connectors are made of metal resistant to rust, pressure and wear

The length of the cable is 3 meters with a plastic coating resistant to stretching, bending and tearing, with 2 noise absorbers

Resolution: 1080.1980 pixels
Ability to support monitors, laptops and video projectors
Transferring images from the computer or laptop graphics card output to monitors or projectors
Cable length: 3 meters

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