CPU fan under copper ENZO combo

وزن 200 گرم

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Enzo copper core model CPU cooling fan


Input voltage: 12V DC
Current intensity: 200 MA
Fan speed: 2200 rpm
Compatible with INTEL processor
With a copper core
Type of use: CPU fan cooling
Cooling type: 7 blade fan

Compatible with LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA775 sockets

This cooling fan is a product of “Enzo” company, which is included in the group of air fans. This CPU fan is in direct contact with the processor and can transfer heat from the processor to the outside environment. The maximum noise in this processor is equal to 30 dB, which can be classified in the group of silent fans.

CPU fan or Enzo brand processor cooler is used to cool the parts inside the case. The correct operation of the CPU fan plays an important role in the performance of the computer and the longevity of the CPU. The material of the body of this fan is quality and durable copper. The connection of this fan is done by a 3-pin connector.

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