Fan case 12*12 ENZO 001 game

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Fan case 12*12 ENZO 001 game

Weight: 120 grams

Additional specifications:

It has a useful life of more than 40,000 hours, it has 9 blades – it has a very beautiful fixed RGB light

Cooling features: LED lighting

Fan size: 120 mm

Fan air pressure: 2.5 mm of water

Fan airflow: 32.5 cubic feet per minute

Fan rotation speed: 800 to 2100

Fan noise level: 22dBA

Power connector: 4-pin Molex connector

Fan Type: Ball Bearing

Dimensions: 25x120x120

“ENZO 001 Gaming” fan case with dimensions of 12×12 cm is a very important and vital piece for gaming systems. Using advanced technologies, this case fan is designed to cool and remove the heat generated by the internal components of your case.

The ENZO 001 Gaming case fan has a powerful motor that moves fresh air into the case and blows hot air out with the right speed and power. This function leads to improved system performance and reduced high temperatures inside the case, which can be very useful for sensitive components such as the processor, graphics card, and motherboard.

The ENZO 001 Gaming fan case also has a very low-noise design to eliminate unpleasant noises. This is especially important for gamers as they enjoy a relaxing sound experience while playing their favorite games.

Due to the high build quality and reliable performance, the ENZO 001 Gaming case fan is the right choice to improve system cooling and minimize the risk of temperature rise and related concerns.

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