Laptop Cooling Fan ENZO LF 632

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Review: ENZO LF-632 height adjustment cool pad
ENZO cooling base or cool pad can reduce the temperature of the laptop well. This cool pad connects to the USB port of the laptop and has 2 silent 120 mm fans. The presence of these two fans in this cool pad creates a flow of cool air and an easier exit of hot air from the laptop. The speed of rotation in ENZO LF-632 Coolpad fans is from 800 to 1200 rpm. To compensate for the USB port of the laptop used to connect this cool pad, two USB ports are placed on it.
Cool pad material is a combination of metal and plastic. This makes it resistant to impact. This product supplies the energy it needs through the USB port of the laptop using a double-ended male USB cable. There is a metal base at the bottom of the cool pad. This base is adjustable with the grooves on the bottom. The height for better use is according to the user’s needs.

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