Adapter charger ENZO 9V1A B-2091C combo

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ENZO 9V 1A modem adapter

Product model: DC 9V 1A Power Adapter Enzo Router Modem EU83S
Product code: 120091


Enzo 9V 1A modem adapter with standard socket is made by Enzo with excellent quality. This is a quality charger from the Enzo brand. Enzo has produced this product for ADSL modems. The input voltage in this model is 100-240 volts and the output voltage is 9 volts. Of course, this adapter can be used for all modems with a common power source without any problems.



Features of ENZO 12V 1A modem adapter:

Weight: 60 grams
Output voltage: 9 volts
Output current intensity: 1 ampere
Input voltage: 240-100 volts
Suitable for: CCTV camera, modem and any 9V consumer up to 1 amp current

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