ENZO VGA TO HDMI VG-51 converter

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Features & Compatibility

ENZO VGA TO HDMI VG-51 converter

Can be used for old computers and TVs

Ability to support FULL HD quality (1080p)

High speed image processing without the need to install the program (Plug And Play)

Communication ports:


compatible with:

All types of devices with VGA port


1920 x 1200 resolution

Other converter descriptions:

Drari is the output of the HDMI socket, which is placed on the HDMI cable to be used and connected to the desired device.

HDCP model VGA to HDMI converter is a video signal conversion device that converts VGA video signal to HDMI video signal. This device allows you to connect older devices with VGA ports to newer devices with HDMI ports, just like connecting old computers to new TVs with HDMI ports. HDCP model VGA to HDMI converter has VGA input and HDMI output and can support video signals with resolution up to 1080p. Also, this device has support for HDCP which is an intellectual property rights protection protocol used in some HDMI devices. With this support, the ability to play protected content using this converter is provided. The HDCP model VGA to HDMI converter device has a small and compact design and is easily placed next to other devices. Also, its power supply provides the required power through the USB port, which allows you to easily connect it to devices such as laptops, power banks, and wall chargers.

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