ENZO HDMI TO VGA PS4 HD-42 Converter

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ENZO HDMI TO VGA PS4 HD-42 Converter

Input port:
Output port:
Conversion type: Multimedia
Input port: HDMI
Output port: VGA
Has a sound output
Ability to connect devices with hdmi output such as laptop, family cinema, XBOX converter, PS3, PS4 and to monitor or video projector

This converter from the series of HDMI to VGA converters, share your images, videos and other such files between your computer or laptop with a monitor or TV. One side of this converter has an HDMI connector and the other side has a VGA port. This cable has an acceptable quality of construction and its copper strands are covered with a plastic coating. This coating makes the copper strands inside the cable resistant to being cut by pulling and causing less damage to them. Also, this converter is made using plastic. This converter can support files with 720 and 1080 pixels resolution. Therefore, by using this converter, you will have the ability to share and play video and other such files between your laptop or computer with a TV or monitor.

Can be used for PS3, PS4 with HDMI and VGA connectors, made of fire-resistant materials, providing a clear and transparent image, convenient and easy to use, without the need for a driver, supporting Windows and Mac operating systems.

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