ENZO EB-91 Hard Code Box 12/7

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ENZO EB-91 Hard Code Box 12/7

Kadi is a case (enclosure) in the shape and dimensions of a laptop optical driver that has a connection or a hard drive converter. Kadi helps you to have more space and capacity by adding a second hard drive to your laptop. Also, HDD Caddy helps to easily add a high-speed SSD hard drive to the laptop. Until now, this method was only used for some laptops. But following the development of the Internet and file sharing, the need for more storage space on laptops and personal computers has increased.

Also, with the arrival of complex and powerful software, especially in the field of programming and graphics, the need to use high-speed hard drives for faster system processing and performance is felt more than ever. At the same time, the amount of use of optical drivers has decreased so that the optical drive seems unnecessary in laptops more than before.
HDD Caddy is a good solution for those who want to increase the capacity of their laptop or use high-speed hard drives next to the primary hard drive of the laptop. So by replacing the HDD Caddy with an optical drive, you will have two hard drives on the laptop.

HDD Caddy is placed inside your laptop along with the second hard drive and is known as the second storage disk in your operating system. You can use this hard drive to store information, movies, music, etc. and also have the first laptop hard drive (SSD or HDD) with the operating system.

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