ENZO SL-113 laptop speaker

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ENZO SL-113 laptop speaker

Laptop speaker “ENZO SL-113” – quality sound with you

With the “ENZO SL-113” laptop speaker, experience your favorite sounds in high quality. This speaker is designed to be compact and portable, allowing you to share your favorite sounds wherever you are.

With easy connection via 3.5mm cable, connect “ENZO SL-113” to laptop, tablet, mobile or any other audio device and enjoy. A clear and detailed sound, without distortion and with accurate transmission of audio settings, provides you with a unique experience.

“ENZO SL-113” with its simple and beautiful design creates a stylish and unique look in all environments. With high build quality and long life, this speaker is a reliable partner for your enjoyable moments of music, movies and games.

With “ENZO SL-113”, experience your favorite sounds with more quality and clarity and enjoy special moments with music and entertainment.

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